Verbes Irréguliers Anglais

Voici les Verbes Irréguliers Anglais les plus courants du test TOEIC.

Vous trouverez les traductions puis les formes à l’infinitif, le prétérit et le passé composé, avec des exemples.

En plus des méthodes efficaces, la connaissance du vocabulaire anglais TOEIC est un moyen efficaces pour atteindre votre objectif dans le test. 

Basé sur l’anglais des affaires ou «Business English», voici les verbes irréguliers Anglais les plus courants du test.

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Les 50 Verbes Irréguliers Anglais les plus courants du TOEIC :

Base verbalePrétéritParticipe passé
getgotgot/gotten (US)

Verbes Irréguliers Anglais - Exemples des phrases :

You must be on time for appointments.

It was great when we were with you last year.

Sales have been consistently on target.


I usually go on holiday in August.

Last year we went over budget.

They have gone into town for lunch.


Do you speak Japanese?

Did you finish the report?

She has done a great job.


I have some calls to make today.

The applicant made a good impression.

Have we made a profit this quarter?


Please say when you like to start.    

They said it would be ready yesterday.       

We have said that several times before.


Can I get you a coffee?

We got lost on the way here.

She has got a lot of experience.


Take a taxi from the station.

He took a short vacation.

They have taken too long.


Please come into the office.

They came to see us last week.

We have come to collect the delivery.


Mr Petersen can see you now.

We saw several issues to resolve.

Have you seen our factory in China?


We sell our products worldwide.

They sold some shares in the company.

We have sold more items this year.



I know the potential of our team.

I knew the previous owners.

I have known better weather in June.


Let’s break our production record today.

Output suffered when the machine broke.  

Has the packaging machine broken again?


We give staff a day off on their birthday.

We gave them plenty of notice in advance.

Have I given you one of our press packs?



I find their accent hard to understand.        

We found a new local supplier last month.

I have found then to be reliable in the past.


I think there are some supply issues.

I thought they already agreed our terms.

I have thought of some ways to cut costs.


The managers speak for about 10 minutes.            

I spoke to our new suppliers yesterday.

I have spoken to Human Resources already.


Can I tell you about our new range?

I told them I could not modify the order.  

I have told everyone about the office move.


We aim to become the leader in our sector.

Everything became clear after the meeting.

We have become more efficient this year.


I usually write lots of emails every day.

I wrote            the press release yesterday.

I have written two reports this month.


We build high-performance I.T. systems.

The office was built with sustainable materials.

We have built six new stores over the last year.


Let me show you our recent acquisition.

I showed the visitors the new ad campaign.

The new methods have shown to be effective.   


Do not leave your luggage unattended.

The train left the station on schedule.

I have left instructions to complete the task.


No problem, I can catch the next train.

I just caught the director before he left.

Luckily I have not caught that nasty virus.


Please feel free to contact me anytime.

I felt that meeting was very positive.

I have felt increasingly frustrated at work.


Put your bags in the overhead compartment. 

I put the USB key in but could not find the files.

Have you put any more paper in the printer?


Please bring your report to the meeting.

I brought some tools but we didn’t need them.

I have brought all the client accounts with me.


Let’s begin with an update on progress.

We began that ad campaign last week. 

I have begun to see some improvements.


We must keep improving product quality.

I kept reminding them about safety issues.

I have kept a note of all my expenses.


We hope to grow our workforce this year.  

Staff numbers grew by a third last year.

We have grown consistently this year. 


Can you hold these books for me please?

We held a meeting to discuss that yesterday.

We have held several meetings about that already.


We stand during meetings to keep them short.

I stood in line for an hour to get concert tickets.

I have stood three times as workers representative. 


I hear the marketing director is leaving.

He heard about the proposal at the meeting.

They have not heard about the contract yet.


Let me help you with your luggage.

I let him use my computer yesterday.

Have you let them look around the site yet?


What do you mean by that exactly?

I was not really sure what he meant.

This has meant some orders are now late.


Please meet Olaf, our new HR director.

I met them at a conference last year.

They have met the deadline every time.


Does this vehicle run  on gas?

She ran the department before retiring. 

They have run a successful campaign.


Please             pay at the exit when you leave.

I paid for the order by credit card.

They still have not paid our invoice.


Our products sit between two ranges.         

They sat next to the guests during dinner.

I have sat in the same place since the start.


Could you lead the team meeting today?

Last year, budget cuts led to staff shortages            .

She has led the finance team for two years.


Read the instructions carefully.

We read all the comments last week.

I have not read the report yet.


We must not lose market share this year.

We lost money on that last deal.

We have lost focus on our existing projects.


It is easy to fall into that trap.          

Orders fell in the first quarter.

Sales have fallen marginally this year.


Please send an email to confirm.

I send several messages to them last week.

We have sent all orders on time this week.


Do you understand what I mean?    

We understood there were some delays.    

Have you understood all the instructions?


I hope to spend more time abroad.

I spent two months in America a while back.

We have spent more than we expected this year.


Should we cut the marketing budget again?

Last month we cut spending by over 10 percent.

We have cut costs significantly over the last year.


The best candidates rise to the occasion.    

Sales rose during the last quarter

Costs have risen sharply this year.


Drive into the car park below the offices.

I drove my car instead of taking the train.

I have driven 20 thousand miles this year.


There’s a 20% discount when you buy two.

I bought myself a new laptop last year.

We have bought new equipment lately.


All staff must wear protective clothing.

They wore hard hats on site last week.       

Staff have worn new uniforms since June.


Please choose your preferred shipping service.

We chose to open the store last weekend.

A new supplier has chosen to work with us.